I swear to you

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
I swear to you

*Hey everybody, or whoever is reading this piece. This story is the first of a fictional series, and I hope you understand that none of these writing will be masturbation stories. They may have sex, sure, but don’t expect too much. This one in particular doesn’t have any. Please write comments because I will not continue a piece no one is enjoying or reading. Thanks a lot.*


I pulled her close to me, wanting to touch every inch of her body. I soaked in her warmth, her softness, her’ everything. I rested my head on her neck and gently nipped at her ear. I felt her smile against my shoulder. She moved her lips up to my ear and whispered something to me. ’Sorry Hun, didn’t catch that.’ I whispered back. She repeated. Still, I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Confused, I pulled away. And nearly dropped dead at the site I saw. 

Her face was’ gone. Where it had been was a charred black lump, reeking of burned flesh. Shocked to the bone, I desperately tried to pull away, but her grip held tight. ’I said,’ the snarling head said, ’you destroyed me!’ 

’No!’ I cried and tried to pry her fingers off my arms.

’You did this’’ Everything spun around me but my eyes could not focus on anything but those sunken, bloodshot eyes. The face cackled madly and the room seemed to pulse in a steady beat. The pulsing got louder, the throbbing wilder and the world shook around me. ’If it weren’t for you I’d’!’

I rolled over and turned the world off. That is, the pulse that was in fact an alarm clock. I threw the sheets that were on me off and got on with my daily routine. Alone. Up, eat, drive, work, eat, work, drive, eat, shower, bed. The story of my life. Of course, sometimes the eating is replaced by staring into the mirror, trying to find the person looking back at me. I often wonder where that person went.

Sitting at work staring at the grey screen. Watching my 28.8 K dial up modem download at 32.6-megabyte file, and have been for the last two hours. Lost in my own little world, an image flashes across my mind.

*I grabbed her and held her against me. the wwwxxx I felt her laugh as she wrapped me up in her arms. ’I am never letting go of you,’ I murmured into her ear. She laughed again, and replied ’Honey, you’ve gotta go to work, I’ll be here when you get home, you know?’ I sighed and buried my face into her neck. ’Yeah I know.’ She held me tight for a second then gently pulled away. ’I love you,’ she said, ’so much.’

’I love you too,’ I told her, and then left for work. She’ll be there when I get back, I told myself. *

I vigorously shook my head, trying to remove that image from my head. Anything but that image, anything at all. Surprised to find tears in my eyes, I blinked them away I glared into the computer screen. To see someone standing behind me. I shot out of my seat and spun around. There stood my workmate. About my height, which is short, about 5 ft 2’, dark hair and eyes and an amazing smile, complete with dimples. She raised an eyebrow at me, and I realised one of those God damned tears was running down my face. I brushed it away and quickly said, ’It’s just’’

’Hay Fever, right? Or have you got something in your eye? Or allergies?’ I glared at her. ’Hay Fever, not that it’s any of your business. 
wwwxxx What right do you have to just wander on in here and-’ I cut short as she began tapping the badge on her chest. Assistant Manager, it read. Bugger, she’s been promoted. Damn it. 

She took a step forward, and then another until we were nose to nose. ’Jessica,’ she said firmly, ’you need to get over her. It’s been over a year. You would have gotten the job if you weren’t you messed up at the moment. You have to move on.’

’Get lost. Now, I mean it.’ I snarled at her. She had no right to do this, none! She nodded then walked out. Another tear rolled down my face. I rubbed it away and turned back to my computer. Watching the screen, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I pulled her close to me, wanting to touch every inch of her body’


I watched her thrash in her sleep, and my heart went out to her. Right then, I swore I was going to help her. I am going to save you, Jessica, I promise. I swear to you.