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It had been three months since pretty blonde Robin had had her mouth relentlessly gang fucked by twenty-one black men, plus me and one other while her husband, Greg, took pictures of the event. And it was almost two months ago that the very best of all these pictures (over 800 of them) had appeared on her all new website, which Robin was VERY proud of. Since then, Robin had been committed to at least one weekly website update featuring her wearing very flattering outfits while kneeling to blow huge gatherings of men.

She had been successful, but after the first four gang bangs, it was becoming more and more challenging for Robin, Greg and I to come up with fresh ideas. The secret was to make each new set new AND fun, both for Robin and her rapidly growing collection of web fans. Part of the fun, she decided, would be to keep increasing the number of guys she?d blow per scene. Greg kidded her that there were over 700 men who worked at his company headquarters? and another 500 or so distributed through the state. 

?We could have them each bring a dozen friends, rent a football stadium and you could blow 12,000 at mid field,? he joked.

But the idea of kneeling to blow an entire stadium of men DID appeal to Robin. She obviously couldn?t do it in one day. But if she could learn to blow 100 in a day, she could blow 3000 in a month and have a world record that would probably never be broken. For now she?d just have fun thinking about it. But? one day?

In the meantime, she had to come up with an idea for her next web set. That?s when Rufus came by for a visit.

Rufus was the Boss? the big, black dude whose gang essentially had gang raped her mouth (with her permission) in the parking lot to start everything off. She had given him her home address so he could send her digital camera disks back to her? one, to return them, but two, so she could see the pictures that had been taken of her. Most of those pictures now were on her website? pictures of her swallowing down one huge, black cock after another as she kneeled on the porn videos download top level of a parking building downtown. Pictures of her choking and gagging with one cock after another in her throat and her pretty little nose totally pushed into one big belly after another. Pictures of her staring helplessly at two older couples who?d just gotten out of their cars to go to a show downtown, her on her knees with a cock in her mouth and them all totally aghast at her public behavior (she still laughed about that one).

Now Rufus had returned to see ?his favorite little cocksucker? and to see if she?d be interested in coming to a biker?s camp out the next weekend. Now, most girls would want to know where? or how far away? or how to get there. But NOT Robin.

?How many guys?? she asked excitedly.

Greg was curious too.

??bout fifty or so,? Rufus told her slyly.

?Ahhhhhh,? Robin said cutely. ?I was hoping for more.?

?Rufus?ll look into it,? the black man said.

Well? now Robin knew who she?d be blowing for her next set, but she still had to come up with more ideas. She wanted to make this gang bang ESPECIALLY fun. She popped over to see me at work to get ideas, since I knew more about porn on the net than she did. I called a young guy named Bill over, because he REALLY new this area.

?Well?? I drawled as I thought about it. I was standing by my desk, looking down at Robin who was kneeling at my feet staring up at me with my cock in her mouth. Her hand was on Bill?s dick and her mouth was moving back and forth between us. Since she?d blown the entire floor for her second web set, we no longer needed to use a broom closet for any of this. Every guy on the floor knew Robin gave me regular blowjobs AND had personally been sucked off by her. And all the girls on the floor were friendly with Robin too. Most of them had started giving an occasional blowjob here and there too.

?Would you consider something other than oral?? Bill asked her.

?Hmm hmm,? she answered, nodding. Then she asked: ?Hmm??

?Well?? he said slowly. ?Like anal.?

?Hmmmmmm,? Robin said thoughtfully. 

My cock jumped. In xxx those tight jeans she always wore, Robin had about the cutest little bum on the planet. I?d often thought about reaming it with my dick.

?Not everybody? ? Bill continued. ?? unless you want to. You should still give lots of blowjobs. You look GREAT with a cock in your mouth, Robin?

?Hmm hmmm (Thank youuuu),? she said appreciatively, her eyes beaming.

We then thought about what she should wear. Jeans would have to come off entirely.

?Maybe a skirt,? Bill suggested. ?A short skirt with /cute/">cute panties.?

?Hmm hmm,? Robin said.

?Satin bikini panties,? I said lustfully.

?Hmmmmmmmmmm,? Robin purred.

Then, after a moment, she spoke up excitedly.

?Hmm hmm,? she announced. ?Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm??

?Huh?? we both said.

?Hmm hmm hmm hmm,? she said, pumping her two fists in the air? as if she was? CHEERING!

Bill and I looked at each other, puzzled. Then we both smiled.

?A cheerleader?? we asked in unison. ?You want to dress like a cheerleader?? Our smiles were VERY big.

?Hmm hmmm,? she nodded.

?You WERE a cheerleader in school, weren?t you, Robin?? I asked her thoughtfully.

?Hmm hmmm,? she nodded proudly.

?Do you still have your uniform??

?Hmm hmm,? she nodded again.

?I like it!? Bill said.

?So do I,? I agreed. ?Cheerleader taken into the woods where she?s mouth and butt-fucked by a million bikers. VERRRRRY nice? But still wear the satin panties.?

?Hmm hmm (of course),? she said. Then she started playfully cheering and pumping her arms again? ?Hmm hmm hmm hmm??

Man! I used to think of Robin as being staid and stuck up. But she?s all play when she?s got cocks in her mouth.

As always, Robin insisted I be at her shoot.

?I always want at LEAST one familiar cock to suck,? she smiled.

We met at a designated highway diner at about 6 o?clock on a slightly cool, autumn Friday night. Robin wanted to ride behind Rufus? on his bike, so she wore tight jeans, a sweater and high-heeled boots. Greg and I would follow in his car with her uniform and other stuff. 

Robin wanted to be early (she was VERY excited), so when we got there we were still waiting for several bikers to arrive. All in all, about twenty-five bikes would be riding in our group? unlike the parking lot party, the bikers were mostly white guys, a few of them with cute girls in tight jeans riding behind them. There was Sarah, a light blonde like Robin; JoAnne, a very cute and petite /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde; and Leslie, a pony-tailed brunette I recognized immediately as a local weather anchor on early morning T.V.

?She?s cool?? I asked Rufus about Leslie.

?Oh yeah?? he laughed. ?All these girls?ll be blowing us too.?

Sure enough, when Robin decided to drop to her knees to blow Rufus in the parking lot, Leslie, JoAnne and Sarah all found guys for themselves to blow too. Soon, each girl had one cock in-mouth and four or five cocks in-waiting. Cars were driving by, not fifty feet away on the highway with nothing but mowed grass to obscure the view? and the diner windows were filled with faces gawking out at our four girls feeding themselves? but who was going to approach a gang of bikers to complain? Robin was kneeling not ten feet from the diner, angled so that she could look straight into the eyes of the dozens of faces staring dumbfounded at her. She enjoyed watching the expressions on their faces. This was fun!

Forty-five minutes later, the last of the bikers? loads had been swallowed and we set off. There is something about how great a girl?s jeans look when she?s straddling a motorcycle seat, leaning forward to hang on to the guy in front of her, that sets my cock on edge. Robin, Sarah, JoAnne and Leslie all looked FANTASTIC! I promised myself I would be blown by all four of them before this weekend was over? hopefully multiple times each.

?Blown by the weather girl,? Greg mused with a sly smile when I told him of my plans. ?Talk about your blowing snow.?

We arrived at our campsite after about two hours of driving. It was a big, open, grassy field two minutes down a dirt road from the highway. The sun was just going down as we guys set up camp and the four girls entertained themselves (and us) again. Because we knew it would be so busy, Greg and I both brought our digital cameras. I took several beautiful pictures of Robin and the other three girls giving blowjobs with a gorgeous setting sun in the distance behind them. All of them were proud to pose looking straight into the camera with cocks in their mouths.

One of the guys Robin blew joked that we should send these pictures to a post-card company.

?Hmm hmm (Ha Ha),? Robin said.

When I told 21-year old JoAnne I might do this postcard thing, she asked: 

?Hmm hmm? (Really?)?

She blew me next.

The next morning dawned sunny and clear? a perfect day to put these four eager girls to work giving lots and lots of blowjobs. Robin still was excited and woke up early asking me to take some sunrise pictures with her. It was a little chilly, so Robin wore her jeans and sweater again, and these pictures looked as fantastic as the sunset ones did.

?A calendar,? I said, matter-of-factly.

?Hmm?? she asked.

?We?ll feature you in a calendar. Bet guys don?t lose track of days with one of these pictures for October.?

?Hmmmmmm,? she purred.

By 9:30 it was warming up again, so Robin in the other girls all got into their cheerleading outfits. All the girls looked really cute with their uniforms, sneakers and pompoms. Robin?s uniform was sky blue and yellow and she wore baby blue satin bikini panties (as requested). Those panties looked AND felt great? I loved the feel of them on my fingers as I rubbed Robin?s /sweet/">sweet, /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass with my hand. The other girls wore green and yellow, red and white, and navy blue and white? all with matching nylon panties. They also looked (and felt) great.

Each girl took a spot in the center of the field to kneel at, the girls about twelve feet apart? close enough together that the girls could feel some comradery in their task, but far enough apart that their crowds of men wouldn?t get into each other?s way. Robin kneeled between JoAnne and Sarah. The first few pictures I shot were of just the four girls, kneeling in their chosen spots, smiling at the camera with their pompoms on the ground on either side of them. The next pictures showed a long line-up of men gathering before each girl, many with their cocks already out of their pants.