Seducing my brothers girlfriend

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Seducing my brothers girlfriend

I'm Laura im 21 years old, just a few months back i had the most thrilling, passionate amazing moment of my life. I was straight as far as i free porn movies download knew, I had never been with a girl, never kissed a girl, I was always convinced that I liked guys. I was the popular girl at high school, the pretty one with the good figure, my long black hair flows down my back and everyone envied my tanned latina skin, my boobs were definately my best asset, they arent that big, but they are perky, sun kissed and always on show.

I met Kristen a year ago, we became best friends since she started dating my younger brother Ryan, she was mature for an 18 year old girl, I often wondered why she was dating my immature little brother. She had the most amazing blue eyes, and brown hair to her shoulders, a /gorgeous/">gorgeous curvy figure, the kinda body every girl dreamed of, but she didn't show it often, she was comfortable in her sweats. she was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen, but I didn't think of her as anything more than a friend, atleast I thought so. Kristen was so much fun! we would often take trips to the mall, or the movies or just out for dinner, she made me laugh like no one else made me laugh, and after a while we became the best of friends, she carried on dating my brother and sooner or later they became serious, but Kristen continued to spend more and more time with me, which caused a lot of tension between her and my brother, but she didn't seem to care, it was as if she would rather of spent time with me then her boyfriend.

I was in my bedroom alone one day, my earphones blaring in my ear and singing along to the album whilst scribbeling on a note pad when my brother burst into my room.

"It's over" he said, his facial expression said it all.

"what do you mean it's over? you.. and Kristen?" I gulped. If they were over then that would definately mean I would never get to spend time with her again.

"Ive been seeing someone else... don't look so innocent Laura, this is all your fault! if you didn't spend so much time with her then maybe we would still be together" his face was full of anger, he slammed the door in my face while muttering things under his breath
I grabbed my phone and started dialing kristens number.

"Are you okay? my brother just told me i'm so.."

"Can you come over please? I need someone right now" I didn't have to think twice, I ran to her house in seconds. She opened the door her eyes all red and puffy from crying, her make up running down her face but she still looked stunning. I gave her a hug and we sat on the sofa her head resting on my chest as she sobbed, and told me how she could'nt believe this was happening.

"Nobody will ever want me" She said. I didn't have time to even think about what I was doing, in that moment I pressed my hands against her cheeks and kissed her softly, I was expecting her to push me away... but she didn't, instead she smiled.

"ive been waiting for you to do that for a while" she said. I couldn't tell whether she was saying it just because she was upset and wanted attention or she really meant it, but I didn't care. I kissed her again, this time harder, and she kissed me back, I ran my hands through her hair, and down her soft back. I couldn't help myself, the passion was building up inside me, I wanted her more than I wanted anyone.

I kissed her neck and heared her give out a small groan, I continued to kiss her neck, her chest and her lips for a few seconds until it was too much, I lifted her top over her head only too see her amazing breasts, they were big and beautiful, i cupped them with my hands and then began sucking on her soft pink nipples, she was moaning loudly now.

"I want you Laura, ive always wanted you" she whispered. I could feel my pussy tingeling as I sucked her nipples, nobody had turned me on like this before. She stood up infront of me and slowely took off her shorts, she stood there naked infront of me, rubbing her breasts, revealing her shaved pussy and amazing long legs, she reached down and touched her clit, giving me a preview of what I could have, she turned around and showed me her ass, her curvy, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, I was so wet at this point I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

she slowely walked over to me and slowely took off all my clothes until I was naked. She then began sucking on my breasts, I moaned, I didn't want her to stop, she continued teasing my body with her tongue, and then finally she was there, her tongue was just inches away from my pulsing pussy, so close that I almost begged for her to rub it against me. She rubbed her tongue across my clit, making the hairs all over my body stand on edge.

"Mmmm tastes so good" she whispered, but continued licking and sucking on it, she began fucking me with her tongue, and I begged her not to stop.

"you do that so fucking well Kristen, don't stop, keep /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy with your tongue" I screamed. I didn't have to ask again, Kristen stuck her tongue into my soaking /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt again and again until I reached the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever had, but it still wasn't over, Kristen bent me over her sofa and began tongue fucking my ass, whilst her fingers was deep inside my pussy.

After cumming for the second time, I knew it was her turn. I stood her up and began kissing her, I could taste my pussy full hd xvideo download on her tongue which turned me on even more. she led down on the sofa and let me kiss and lick all over her body, I teased her exactly how she teased me, and her face told me that she wanted more. I licked down until I reached her beautiful pink pussy, it tasted amazing, i could do this all day without a doubt, I couldn't tease her anymore, instead I rammed my tongue deep inside her vagina, and rubbed her /asshole/">asshole with my fingers, she screamed, and moaned which just made me do it faster and harder, she screamed that she was going to cum all over my face, which she did. I stuck my finger inside her, and made her reach another orgasm. If I had my own way i would of licked her for hours, but she had other ideas.

"I want you too sit on my face" She didn't have to ask twice. I sat on her face and felt her tongue start from my pussy up to my ass, I rode her face and she continued to suck lick, and fuck, I cummed all over her amazing tongue once again. I looked down at her face whilst I was still riding her tongue, her eyes told me that she was liking it just as much as I would. I got off her and sat next to her on the sofa kissing and rubbing her tits. My pussy was dripping wet, and as I reached down and touched hers it was also soaked.

”I got a /surprise/">surprise for you” she said with a big grin on her face. Kristen ran upstairs and left me sat there wondering where she had gone, she was back in minutes a huge black dildo in her hands, she was stood infront of me sucking on it, I rubbed my pussy at the beautiful sight.

”What do you think?” she smiled at me.
”I think... that i want to fuck you with that big black cock” Her face lit up as I said those words. Kristen led down on the sofa and handed the dildo over to me, I rammed the dildo straight into her amazing pussy, and she let out a loud scream, a scream I didnt even know Kristen had in her. I began fucking her with the dildo whilst licking her soaking /wet/wet-clit/">wet clit. I could feel her pussy pulsing against my tongue, and knew she was coming close to another orgasm, in that moment I took the dildo out of her pussy and she squirted all over my face and tits, I licked the cum off my lips and she licked the rest off my tits.

I got off her then and kissed her lips passionately.

"you feel better now?" i smiled a cheeky smile.

"I feel amazing now" She said.. "Why didn't we do that before?"

I couldn't leave her just yet, we took the /party/">party up to her bedroom, and fucked again in every way possible.